Change in a company begins with the passion and teamwork of all employees rather than a grandiose slogan.

Hello! I am Son Ho-won, the CEO of SFE.

communication regardless of positions to create customer value with creative ideas and to provide innovative goods and services based on a corporate culture filled with consideration for others.
Since its foundation in 2009, SFE has enhanced its reputation as a global company by successfully expanding its business to overseas markets in a short term in the semiconductor field, a leading high-tech industry in the world.
Seamless investments and efforts are made to prepare for the future and lead the rapidly changing advanced technology industry. To reach the zenith of the world, every effort will be put into touching customers, beyond satisfying their needs, with top-notch technologies and good services.
We promise to develop quality products with strong confidence and enthusiasm and to reach out to our customers with sincere services.

Thank you for your constant interest in and support for SFE. 

CEO Son Ho-won